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Riding the Wave of Change

Riding the Wave of Change is the product of Eve Wilson’s 30 year quest for the next higher perspective on life and how to heal people and the planet on the deepest levels. She writes about evolution and the journey of our souls here on planet earth in a penetrating and fluid message that includes prose, visions, allegory, verse, The Healing Qabalah and art. Also included are tools for personal healing and ascension. Her understanding of why life has been so hard shows a design and purpose behind the destructive directions that humans have so often chosen. Find out how all life is currently ascending to a higher level of consciousness, soul and experience. Where our world is struggling under the burden of climate change and human interference, Eve sees an inevitable ascension and rebirth. 

REVIEW: Riding the Wave of Change: Hope Healing, And Spiritual Growth for Our World

An Excellent Roadmap for Navigating Transformation

Author Eve Wilson speaks with the voice of one accompanied by angels. Her joyful lilt rings clearly in the pages of her extraordinary book, Riding the Wave of Change: Hope, Healing, and Spiritual Growth for Our World. This pivotal and timely book assures us the changes in the world today, though tumultuous, are all necessary to our spiritual evolution, a process Eve refers to as Ascension.

Eve gives us an effective roadmap for navigating the Ascension process, rising above the appearance of conflict as the old dynamics give way to a higher vibration. Her unique interpretation of the Qabalah Tree of Life is filled with a deep, inspired understanding of the origin of individualization and the emergence of our individualized souls into a new and greater experience.

The Old World is falling away to reveal a New World, more spiritual, more balanced, and more awake than the old. Just as the chrysalis of the caterpillar gives way to the butterfly, a spectacular process of nature, but no doubt disturbing to the caterpillar, we are in the midst of a grand and magnificent transformation. If you are looking for guidance, answers, inspiration, or merely an assurance that the road we are currently on leads to something much higher, you won’t be disappointed.

Eileen Patra
Ordained Unity Minister and
Author of The Mystical Ark: A Vessel of Blessings

” For us to live a life of purpose and passion, with dignity and embracing our Divinity, is what Eve Wilson envisions. Her book, Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing & Spiritual Growth for our World, brings her vision to us in a tangible form. Eve explains the process and guides us along a journey of self-discovery, allowing each of us to start from where we are to ride change’s waves with grace. This book is more than enlightening, it is a light to pierce fear’s darkness and connect us to the everlasting light of love.” – Best Selling Author – Annette Rochelle Aben

“Wisdom to engage your intellect and infuse your heart with truth. An extraordinary Healer, Teacher, Writer Eve takes us on a practical, empowering journey. This book reads like a song, I recommend it!” – Penny Golden, Publisher Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine

“A profound walk through our soul’s journey and how to flow with these tumultuous times, surfing the way towards ascension in superconsciousness.”
– Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., Prof CIHS, President, UCM

Quote Excerpt from an Interview from Wisdom Magazine with it’s publisher Mary Arsenault

A long time student of the Qabalah, Eve offers her own unique, non-sectarian perspective, based on years of practice, on how this ancient Judaic discipline can be used for healing and spiritual growth, leading to the brass ring of ascension. The book is a deceptively light and enjoyable read, while providing a wealth of information, including an overview of the ten spheres of the Qabalah, how they each contribute to our experience on Earth, plus meditations for successfully navigating through each of the spheres. Eve’s expertise on the subject shines brilliantly through in her ability to make the esoteric principles of the Qabalah, and how they relate to healing, easily accessible.


Reader comments

“I have finally begun reading the book, Riding the Waves of Change. It is truly breathtaking. I savor every word and want to keep reading, but stop so I may absorb it. Thank you so much Eve.”



“I love Kara Bradley’s art – she is amazingly talented!  I would like a poster of one of her Qabalah spheres.”

Book Launch Guest


“I am really enjoying Riding the Wave of Change, it is as though I was hungering for this. I am learning a lot and my reading leaves me with a happy feeling! I appreciate the glossary of terms, it is very helpful.”



” I love your book!  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.  Reading it has helped me understand some of the missing pieces of “my puzzle”.  I’ve read, read and re-read Tipheret.  It has helped me understand the co-existence of spiritual self and ego self.  I had been under the impression that the ego Self had to be “overcome” or replaced with the spiritual self.”



MIchelle Davis
★★★★★ Fantastic, informative. Eve is wonderful
September 20, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

This book has shown me how to handle life issues, health, how to center myself, building a stronger me. Eve explains the process in great detail. Enlightening.


Tyra Petoskey

★★★★★ A masterpiece
August 23, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

A masterpiece for all time! The words flow with such gentle ease that it helps the reader easily grasp the intricate content provided. A life changing read!



★★★★★  Easy to understand this powerful spiritual system
September 1, 2019

Format: Paperback

So clearly explains a mysterious system
Of spiritual growth. The exercises at the end are practical and powerful. The author is clearly a gifted healer. Gigi Langer, author of “50 Ways to Worry Less Now.”


Amazon Customer

★★★★★  Powerful and specific spiritual practices to make living life more joyful
September 21, 2019

Format: Paperback

Riding the wave of change is incredibly helpful and insightful for those looking to live life from a loving, abundant and empowered place. It gives specific guidance on how to make your inner word aligned with your true self so you can reflect that into the present moment.


Rebecca Moon

★★★★★  Changed my life direction to calm acceptance.
September 29, 2019

Format: Paperback

This book changed the entire direction of my life, gave me strength to overcome what I thought was never possible and feel the peace I have longed for all my years. I cannot possibly thank Eve Wilson enough for sharing her gifts with the world!


Elizabeth Squire Vigue

★★★★★  Fabulous, spriritual, warm, loving. Eve is a remarkable true healer, this book is phenomenal.
August 23, 2019

Format: Paperback

Eve is a gifted writer and healer. This book will introduce you and educate you in healing your life. So wonderful