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Riding the Wave of Change

Riding the Wave of Change is the product of Eve Wilson’s 30 year quest for the next higher perspective on life and how to heal people and the planet on the deepest levels. She writes about evolution and the journey of our souls here on planet earth in a penetrating and fluid message that includes prose, visions, allegory, verse, The Healing Qabalah and art. Also included are tools for personal healing and ascension. Her understanding of why life has been so hard shows a design and purpose behind the destructive directions that humans have so often chosen. Find out how all life is currently ascending to a higher level of consciousness, soul and experience. Where our world is struggling under the burden of climate change and human interference, Eve sees an inevitable ascension and rebirth. 

Reader comments

“I have finally begun reading the book, Riding the Waves of Change. It is truly breathtaking. I savor every word and want to keep reading, but stop so I may absorb it. Thank you so much Eve.”



“I love Kara Bradley’s art – she is amazingly talented!  I would like a poster of one of her Qabalah spheres.”

Book Launch Guest


“I am really enjoying Riding the Wave of Change, it is as though I was hungering for this. I am learning a lot and my reading leaves me with a happy feeling! I appreciate the glossary of terms, it is very helpful.”



” I love your book!  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.  Reading it has helped me understand some of the missing pieces of “my puzzle”.  I’ve read, read and re-read Tipheret.  It has helped me understand the co-existence of spiritual self and ego self.  I had been under the impression that the ego Self had to be “overcome” or replaced with the spiritual self.”